Dear Flo,
"Wonderful!! Thank you, they had a great time. Andrea Paul was with them for 3 days…everything worked beautifully. I will email you when I have what they want to do in Feb…they will be with one grandaughter (15)..and are staying at Le Meurice…."

Marsha Clayman
Protravel International - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Hi Margot!
"I wanted to send you a note to tell you that my client, Scott Holley, had such a wonderful experience. Thank you so very much! His guide in Lyon knew the Maitre D at Paul Bocuse and arranged for them to receive special treatment included Mr. Bocuse asking to take a photo with them. I appreciate your help so very much!!!"

Becky Lukovic
Owner – Bella Travel Planning
an affiliate of The Travel Agent, Inc. - A Virtuoso Member Agency


"I just wanted to pass on my clients comments after their market/cooking class in Paris recently: 'Hi Michelle, thank you so much for helping us set up such a wonderful trip. Everything went smoothly and was perfect. We LOVED the cooking class I would HIGHLY recommend him and the class. Getting flowers and champagne in Cannes was a special treat, thank you!!'"

Michelle Burnham
The Travel Society, LLC - A Virtuoso Member Agency


"…thank you….Clients have reported they had an EXCELLENT day…."

Protravel International New York - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Dear Margot,
"Just a note to thank you for the Thomas Brooks family that just got back from Paris. The 2 tours you arranged for them were fabulous (his words). The tour guides were great a and very engaging. Thanks for all your work."

Connie Barton, CTC
Precision Travel, Inc. - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Here is the note I got from Ric Hall early today:
"On train to London. Paris was wonderful and everything was arranged great. Thanks for all you did. So Margot (and Flo, and Joelle) THANK YOU for making them so happy."

Trish Mercer, LCC
Luxury Travel Advisor
Travel Experts - A Virtuoso Member Agency


"I have traded voice mail with the Rubin family. They said that the trip was beyond expectation - fabulous!!! Many thanks for a job well done!!"

Largay travel - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Hi Florent,
"Just wanted to send you a quick note, and let you know how wonderful the arrangements you made for us in Paris turned out! The market tour with Rebekah was so much fun, even though we had the rain that morning, I really enjoyed it and she was fabulous! She took us to the amazing chocolate shop as well, and that was very cool. Since I am a total cook and foodie, this was a perfect experience for me. I so wish we had this type of market locally. Our walking tour with Francoise was great, and we loved all the “behind the scences” areas of Paris she took us, and we even got to experience the Metro! I don’t think I have walked that much in one day, in a very long time. Well worth it, however. She was an amazing guide. Also, my clients that I booked with you, Mr. and Mrs. Bertsch, who were there just prior to myself, came in the office this past Friday, and had RAVE reviews for their guide and the tours. They really now understand the value of the private guide and driver, thanks to your wonderful professional services! This was one of the highlights of their trip, for sure! Thanks again, and we look forward to sending additional business your way, and a continued strong working relationship. Look forward to seeing you again in the near future."

Sandy Staples
Artistico Travel Consultants, Inc - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Hi Margot!
"Hope you're doing well. Wanted to let you know the Cranes ADORED their cooking class in Paris. Thank you! Wondering if you can help us get them the recipes (in English) to send to them."

Shawna Huffman Owen
President and COO, Huffman Travel Ltd - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Lauren Daitch sent me this email:
"Wonderful guide. One of the best we've ever had. You can recommend her without question."

Richard Engle
Protravel International Chicago - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Hello Margot,
"My client, Arthur Hawn has just returned from his Paris trip you helped me organize. He had a wonderful time & was so very happy with all the arrangements. The drivers & his guide, Paul were outstanding. Paul got a wheel chair & escorted him all through the Louvre as well as other attractions so he didn’t have to walk so much. He was amazed that Paul was able to bypass all the lines & get him in to the sites without long waiting times. He loved the organ concert & could not believe all things he was able to see. You made a dream of a lifetime come true for him. He came home very tired but so very happy with his adventure. Thank you so much. I am so happy Laurie gave me your information. I hope I have the pleasure to work with you again."

Annie Bolling
Peak Travel Group - Member of the Signature Travel Network


Dear Flo,
"Everyone was thrilled with your tour yesterday! Thank you…"

Nora Townsend leader with Voyager's club - Virtuoso


"I just hung up from Dr. Diecidue. Everything was PERFECT! It doesn’t get better than that. Rave reviews for Francoise, pastry class, Scavenger Hunt at the Louvre and other tours and drivers! I am so happy!"

Jane Couchara
Cruisin & Main Line Vacations - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Greetings Margot!
"I wanted you to know how happy my clients Lockwood were with their guide and trip to Normandy. The jeep tour was a highlight, and that was your suggestion, so thank you very much for your good help! To let you know, they loved the Hotel Powers in Paris, should you ever need a boutique hotel suggestion. Again, please accept my thanks, and have a happy day!"

Mary Misinco
An Independent Affiliate of Travel Experts - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Dear Florent,
"I just wanted to send a thank you for your fabulous services and let you know that Mr. Siegel called me a few days ago to tell me that he and his family had a wonderful trip. They loved the guides and they loved the tours! Mr. Siegel said he would absolutely recommend you to other people!"

Loni Truitt
Admiral Travel International - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Dear Margot,
"A huge thanks to everyone at Chocolatine. The Wheatley's had a wonderful tour and was delighted with their guide. I shall certainly call upon you if I have clients headed to France."

Janet Hodge
Travel Concierge
Hardin & Associates, Inc.
Travel Experts - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Hello Chocolatine,
"The following is a copy of the email to me from the clients. Thank you so much for making my clients happy. They have a request which you can help us with: 'Hi Marti, We're home and getting back to normal. The trip was wonderful in all respects; i.e. airport connections, hotel pickups, access to sites, and especially the erudition of and historical/architectural explanations provided by our two guides Cecile ( spelling? ) in Lourdes and Francoise in Paris. Please feedback to Chocolatine and the guides themselves our thanks and highest praise to both for making our visits to the various sites so enjoyable and informative.' "

Cadence - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Dear Margot & Florent,
"I just had the chance to speak with my clients, Jessica and Alex, following their honeymoon in Paris. They told me the highlight of their trip was the Tours. They raved about the guide you had provided them, and they said in retrospect, they wished they had done more tours because of the way she was and how knowledgeable she was. Thank you so much for providing a true Virtuoso experience for my clients. They really enjoyed their time with Chocolatine and their next time in Paris will be booked with you again. Thank you!"

Leyna Huber Luxury Travel Consultant
Camelback Odyssey Travel - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Dear Margot & Florent,
"I am so sorry for my delayed email to you! I wanted to say thank you for taking such excellent care of the Dilworths. They can't stop talking about how incredible their trip was because of you. "Phenomenal" and "exceptional" are just a couple words they used to describe your guides and the experiences you created for their family. The day trip to Champagne was apparently the most perfect day and is now a lifelong memory. I hope you realize what a big difference this makes for a family that rarely has time to see each other, much less take a trip to Paris together!"

Kate Corey
Currie & Co. Travels Unlimited
Luxury. Adventure. Exotic Travel. - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Dear Margot & Florent,
"I spoke with Dr. Greaux when he got back and he raved about the services and guide he had during their time in both North and South of France. So thank you!!!!"

Forest Travel/Liora - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Hi Florent,
"My clients are having a wonderful time - theire tour guide, Vincent has been great. She would like to give him a tip and has asked me the 'proper' amount. I know this is a personal and optional guesture but perhaps you could give me some guidance? Is there some sort of 'formula' or standard why to calculate?"

Paula Podaras
Protravel International New York - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Hi Florent,
"I am sorry it’s taken me so long to write and let you know that my group thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Versailles. We did have a mishap when a piece of the bus came down and struck one of my clients. Fortunately, he was not badly hurt but did have a bump on his head. Except for that, everything was great. The guide did a great job even with the big crowd. Again, thanks for all your help. I did let Jonette, our manager, know what a great time we all had."

Michele Thomas
Unique Travel - A Virtuoso Member Agency


Bon Soir mon ami!
"So my clients loved everything about their Chocolatine tour. The driver was wonderful, he lunched with them and was delightful, they spent too much time at the museum, the guide was also fantastic, They wanted to stay longer but the driver had to transfer someone from CDG back to the Rennes area and was also going to have dinner with his daughter in Paris. But otherwise he would have stayed longer with them. So you put together a wonderful itinerary and I say a very big MERCI J! A bientot and give my baby a squeeze J"

Camille Diesi Miller
Protravel International Sherman Oaks, CA


"Hotel L'Aubusson could NOT be more perfect for our needs!!!!! Thank you again. And our tour to Versailles was totally worth it with Chocolatine. There was a horrendous 3 hour line and we walked right in, zero wait. Our tour guide, Geraldine, was absolutely fantastic and so, so knowledgeable. Money well spent."

Julie-Ann Skalko, CTC – Cadence