- Specialized tour guides based in Paris and Normandy
- Shore excursions available

After Paris, this is our most popular excursion/destination. Our guides are experts on the historic D-Day sites and the top sights in Normandy.

Cliffs of Etretat

Cliffs of Etretat

If your clients are in Paris, there are two options for Normandy...
A: Your clients can take the train to Caen where one of our tour guides will greet them.
B: Our Paris-based tour guide can pick up your clients at the hotel in Paris.

A day trip from Paris to tour the D-Day sites or other sightseeing works very well. Nevertheless, it is a long day—11-12 hours door to door. Departure from Paris is around 8 a.m., returning between 7-8 p.m.

If your clients have several days based in Normandy, we can arrange a full day tour of the D-Day sites; a full day to Honfleur via the “Flower Coast;” a full day to Le Mont St Michel/Brittany; a full day cheese, cider, Calvados tasting; a full day to Brittany (Cancale, St Malo, Dinan).

Mont St. Michel

Mont St. Michel

Mont St. Michel information
It takes way longer to visit Le Mont St Michel since April 2012. One cannot drive all the way to the site anymore. You must park in a parking lot located a few miles away from Le Mont St Michel and then take a shuttle. It is about a 400 yards walk to the shuttle station and same when you arrive at the shuttle drop off to Le Mont St Michel. So there is a lot of walking involved. Your clients need to be aware of that. It takes about 45mn from the parking lot to arrive at Le Mont St Michel and same for the return.

We used to be able to arrange ½ day tour to Le Mont St Michael from the Bayeux area but we cannot anymore. It has to be a full day. If time permitting we usually take the clients to Dinan or Cancale in Brittany. It is a beautiful area.

One of the best spots to see Le Mont St Michel in the distance is in Cancale or in Avranche (north of Le Mont St. Michel).


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